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Reusable Sticker Book

Reusable Sticker Book

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Sticker Book

Do you hoard stickers like I do because you have commitment issues on sticking them places?? Look no further! The Reusable Sticker book is a great solution to stick your sticker collection, and display them in any way you wish! With the release paper, you are able to stick and unstick your stickers as many times as you want! Each page is coated front and back in silicone for sticking.

💀5.8 x 8.3 inches (A5 Notebook)
💀45 blank pages
💀Material: sticker release paper (double sided)
💀Openable spine

B Grade notebooks will have any number of the following flaws:
💀Broken Spine
💀Marks on front or back of notebook

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