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Spooky Sticker OOPS Bag!

Spooky Sticker OOPS Bag!

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Spooky Stickers oops grab bag includes 4 (four) random "oops" spooky stickers/magnet from my shop that have minor errors, and 2 (two) random "oops" sticker sheets/print.

Sticker Material: matte sticker paper with water resistant matte laminate.
Sticker sheets are NOT water resistant.

Minor errors include but are not limited to:
πŸ’€ slightly off cuts (not centered, extra cut, etc.)
πŸ’€ misprints
πŸ’€ wrong sizes
πŸ’€ tears or rips

Still usable and great cute spooky stickers that deserve a loving home!
Water resistant, suggest light hand wash if putting on a water bottle.

No duplicates in a single bag!

If you purchase more than 1 bag, there is a possibility of duplicates.
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